Buy a folding electric bicycle in Orléans




It only really makes sense to buy a folding electric bike after trying one out.

In Orléans and Reims, Wheel Free and its supplier, Wattoo, invite you to come and test three types of "folding electric bike":

  • town: 25/30km between charges
  • town and country: 45/50km between charges
  • tourism: 50/70km between charges

These folding mountain bikes, easy to recharge and easy to transport, are ideally designed for frequent use, wherever you go.

With a warranty of 18 months for the battery and the motor, one year for parts and five years for the frame, we pull out all the stops to guarantee you trouble-free cycling.

To buy a folding electric bike in complete peace of mind, we can offer you financing solutions along with theft and damage insurance to which you may subscribe if you so wish.