Rent an electrically assisted cycle in Orléans for your excursions along the Loire






Wheel Free can provide you with bikes for rent, along the Loire à Vélo (« Loire by bike ») and Véloscénie route, in the french department of  Eure-et-Loir and Perche. 

Wheel Free can advice you on the servicing repair and purchase of your classic, electric or folding bikes.

For the rental of our classic, electric or folding bikes, we have set up a personalized delivery/repatriation service, along the Loire à Vélo route (« Loire by bike »), between St-Brévin-les-Pins and Sancerre (according to our general terms and conditions of hire).

When buying our bikes, we can offer you insurance and financing solutions. At the end of each tourist season, we offer our used bikes for sale with a Theft-Damage-Destruction warranty.

For information, you can contact us at or by calling +33 (0)2 38 44 26 85


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For your cycling excursions or trips, from the start of spring Wheel Free can help you profit from your weekends or holiday on cycling trips along the "Loire à Vélo" ("Loire by bike") route.

Cycle tourism is a great way of discovering these richly historic tourist sites at your own pace.

Along the Eurovelo 6 route, set off in complete serenity along the Loire à Vélo route, from the Cuffy to Nantes, passing by Sancerre and the most notable Châteaux, and profiting from the quiet atmosphere around the last wild river of France.

Located just outside Orléans, Wheel Free offers for rental its classic, electric or folding bikes, for rides along the banks of the Loire to suit your desires. Whether you are planning a bucolic or sporting tour, we offer cycles with equipment appropriate for your excursions with friends or as a family.


Balade à vélo Champagne ardenne, Reims, Tours, Angers

Randonnées à vélo Champagne ardenne, Reims, Tours, Angers



A Cycle route which passes by Green Lanes and cycle paths, the Véloscénie is surrounded by two pearls of the french heritage : Paris and its Eiffel Tower, and the Mont-Saint-Michel.

This cycle route will show you various and charming landscapes, such as « La vallée de la Chevreuse, les Collines du Perche and du Maine » to finally end your trip to « le Bocage Normand » just before reaching the Mont-Saint-Michel.

These cultural richnesses are a true travel invitation, whether by yourself, with family, or friends, these excursions rich in diversity will provide high-quality souvenirs.

Either for sale or for rent, our classic, electric or folding bikes are available to you, for bike rides with peace of mind.

We place the Véloscénie within your reach.

Randonnées à vélo Reims, Tours Angers